Do you or your child struggle with:

  • Disorganization 

  • Managing time

  • Planning ahead

  • Initiating tasks

  • Habitually losing work or forgetting to turn it in

  • Writing 

My services can help!

  • Improve the executive function skills of the brain

  • Learn background knowledge about the connection between the brain and behavior

  • How and why to use effective external tools to compensate for what the brain can't do

  • How and why to plan your week and your day using visual external strategies

  • How to break a complex project into steps using visual strategies

  • How to plan the time to work on parts of a project in order to meet a deadline

  • Guidance for essay writing which allows for appropriate time for thought, editing, and revision

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​I'm passionate about helping students and families to improve their executive function skills. 

Read more about my background and ways we can work together.

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Are you ready to make some changes in your life? Check out the various services offered for support with all things executive functioning: planning, task initiation, writing, and more!

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"Christy is an EXCEPTIONAL coach. Her patience, persistence, knowledge, and care bridge the gap for kids with learning differences. Christy taught two of our boys to write well, You can find qualified, experienced, and talented people in service businesses. The really hard thing to find is people who genuinely care. And the kids know the difference. And it makes all the difference."

Mary Josephs

Student Writing

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