Hi, I'm Christy! I have worked as a local tutor in Arlington Heights for 8 years.  After 15 years of educating and working with families, I discovered my calling: coaching executive function skills and writing.  These two areas actually overlap in the brain, since many EF skills are needed for strong writing (planning, task initiation, time management, etc.)

I hold a Bachelor's degree in English with a certification in English, Language Arts and Speech Education.  I also earned a Master's degree in Special Education.  After recognizing the need for more intensive solutions to executive function issues, I discovered the program developed by Marydee Sklar called Seeing My Time® and am now a certified instructor in the program. This program is life-changing. It has changed my own life and is an invaluable tool for students and adults. I feel not only excited but lucky to be able to share my knowledge and experience with families that I work with. 

As one of my longtime clients noted, "you can find qualified, experienced, and talented people in service businesses. The really hard thing to find is people who genuinely care. And the kids know the difference. And it makes all the difference." I really do care deeply about my clients because I feel passionately about their successes and their lives.  My years of experience and personality create a laid back, comfortable approach to help students and adults to achieve their true potential. 

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